We understand hiring a person with a disability can be overwhelming. You may think, "A person with a disability can't work HERE...", but that is simply not true. Most often our customers outperform their peers and require very little assistance. We work with people with MBA's, PhD's and other professional who may be experiencing a setback from something like Cancer, kidney disease (and be on dialysis) or even have rods in their back from an accident. That doesn't mean they can't do the work presented to them.

Soft Skills Training

Our training staff is second to none. We are asked back repeatedly by employers to assist with new candidates who have disabilities. We offer soft skills trainings as well to individuals with social issues that hinder overall success at work. This training covers work culture, appropriate interactions, and behavior modification. We typically find this to be most effective with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, but also other developmental disabilities and mental health concerns.

Our Services

We work with individuals who are referred to us by the State of Michigan, Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Each individual we work with has been assessed by a professional VR Counselor to determine physical capacities, emotional and cognitive abilities, and accommodation needs (if any). Most customers do not require accommodations. As a former VR counselor, Bridget Benton has unmatched experience and judgement in placing these individuals in jobs that are a good match for both the business and the employee. She also ensures all businesses receive the appropriate tax credits and completes the paperwork for the businesses at no charge. Hiring can be a daunting experience and you really never know who you are getting until they prove themselves. With our customers, they have already had that opportunity and have been vetted by three levels of professionals. You can be sure the individual you are hiring from us will work well in your company.

Job Training

We assist the employer through the hiring process and if desired, the training process. It is essential that the employer not feel they are spending more time training our candidates, compared to a person off the street. We can be an integral part of the training process and even be a job coach at all levels to ensure that the learning curve does not impact the job performance and your bottom line.