Job Placement

Placing individuals with disabilities into permanent employment is the core function of Benton Employment Solutions. Our many other services are geared toward moving our clients to this exciting stage of their careers. 

How It Works

- Our professionals approach local employers to gauge their interest and ability to employ individuals with disabilities.

- Once a willing employer is identified, Benton Employment Solutions approaches a state agency working with thousands of qualified job seekers with disabilities. 

- Our company screens qualified candidates provided by the State of Michigan. Before a candidate is presented to an employer, our company certifies that the job seeker can perform the posted position. 

- The employer progresses through the application and interview processes dictated by their policies. If needed, assistance is provided by Benton Employment Solutions. 

- If our candidate is hired, the employer can request assistance from our company for onboarding and orientation if needed. 

Cost To Employer


Job Coaching

A unique service Benton Employment Solutions can provide that traditional staffing agencies cannot is Job Coaching for our candidates. 

How It Works

- Certain new hires display the ability to become a highly valued team member at their new place of employment. However, as a result of their disability, the typical training regimen may not be suitable for their development.

- In cases such as these, Benton Employment Solutions can provide a job coach to work right alongside the new hire.  

- Our job coach will observe the traditional training regimen and specifically note how the employer would like all tasks completed.  

- Once the job coach is comfortable with the assigned tasks, the training manager/supervisor can return to his or her duties while the job coach continues training the new hire.

- The job coach will maintain constant contact with the employer to update on the progress of the new hire. 

- Through a process called fading, the job coach will slowly move the new hire towards independence until both the job coach and employer are satisfied with the new hire's job performance. At this point, the job coach will remove him or herself and the employer will have a fully trained team member at their service. 

Cost To Employer


Retention Services

The bulk of our services take place between the hiring process and through ninety days of employment. However, the relationship between Benton Employment Solutions and our employer partners never expires. 

How It Works

- From pre-employment preparation through 90 days of employment, employers will be in constant contact with our professionals. However, our involvement does not end after 90 days. 

- Employers can expect to hear from Benton Employment Solutions as long as our successful candidate remains employed with their organizations.  

- As with all employees, it is possible our placed individual may encounter tough times. Regardless of the cause of these difficulties, we are always on call to assist.

- Our company is willing to retrain our placed employee if your organization alters any processes or equipment. If our worker is having difficulty adjusting to a new routine, contact us and we will provide on-site assistance until the worker is readjusted. 

- In many cases, our Retention Services can help employers avoid disciplining or terminating tenured employees due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Cost To Employer


Job Placement and Assistance

Workplace Evaluation

Like our Workplace Experience program with local students, Benton Employment Solutions can provide disabled adults with an opportunity to improve their habits and prove themselves in a real world workplace environment. 

How It Works

- If the State of Michigan approaches Benton Employment Solutions with a motivated worker that is lacking experience, we may elect to move the worker into a Workplace Evaluation before proceeding to Job Placement services. 

- Our professionals will approach local employers interested in assisting an individual in this situation.

- Our company will be the Employer of Record for this worker. This means we will provide wages, general liability, and workers' compensation coverage for the individual. 

- Benton Employment Solutions will also provide a job coach whenever necessary. This is to ensure little to no interruption of daily activities at the workplace.

- The employer will provide tasks, a workplace environment, and a patient, understanding team that will allow the worker and her or his job coach to perform assigned tasks.  

- Workplace Evaluations typically last for two weeks with the worker putting in 20 hours per week. 

- In some cases, the employer decides to offer employment to the participant. In this case, we can provide Job Placement services immediately. 

Cost To Employer