Bridget Benton, M.A.        


Years of Experience: 12

Expertise: Bridget was a counselor with the State of Michigan for 6 years and has extensive experience working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, mental health, auto-immune issues, cancer, and injuries. She also teaches Soft Skills Training, assists in securing Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), and no cost accommodation coordination. She ensures that your tax dollars are spent wisely by providing all the necessary services possible to simplify the hiring and training process, while minimizing the associated costs.

There is nothing more important to a teenager than freedom—but after turning in final exams at the end of another school year, kids are hit with a hard truth: Going out with friends every day isn’t cheap. For high school students, a summer job not only funds these freedoms, but arms them with the experiences they need to build a career. However, finding a good job is never easy, and can be especially difficult for those with disabilities.

That’s where Benton Employment Solutions comes in. Its staff specializes in finding the right jobs for individuals with physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities, while also assisting employers in the hiring and training processes...Read More

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Jim Benton

Managing Partner

Experience: 10 years
Jim has worked as a counselor, educator and Career Development Facilitator. He specializes in building productive relationships with employers, ensuring a smooth transition for both the job provider and worker. He also has extensive experience teaching resume building techniques, job interview skills, and soft skills training. While in education, Jim served on the Board of Directors of Project ACE, a Local College Access Network, allowing him to build partnerships with local businesses, institutions of higher learning, municipalities, and community members. 

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