Coldwater Mock Interviews

In much the same fashion as KZoo Mock Interviews, this event will aim to serve approximately 40 students with disabilities from two local high schools. Benton Employment Solutions will be seeking 20 local professionals willing to serve as interviewers. The goal is for the event to take place in May 2020. 

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Link To Services

This summer event is intended to link local employers up with as many services for individuals with disabilities as possible. With a focus on HR and Management professionals, this informal and enjoyable affair will take place at 600 Kitchen & Bar in Downtown Kalamazoo. Refreshments will be provided. Date and time TBD.

Community Events

Our 2020 KZoo Mock Interviews event will be our 3rd annual interview preparation activity in the Kalamazoo area. In 2018, we recruited 20 local professionals to interview approximately 40 students with disabilities from two high schools. Last year, we enlisted 40 local professionals to interview approximately 80 students with disabilities from four high schools. This year the plan is to once again find 40 local professionals, but this time we plan to interview approximately 120 students with disabilities from six high schools. 

If you are interested in participating on March 31st, please contact Jim Benton via email

Details on the event can be found here.