We are not a traditional staffing firm. Benton Employment Solutions is state funded; we receive no payment from employers or job seekers. By working with us, employers diversify their workforce, receive assistance with onboarding, training, and retention of workers secured through our company. 

Job Placement and Assistance

Youth Transition Services

  • Providing gainful employment to those with disabilities.
  • Diversifying work forces of local employers.
  • Preparing disabled youth for today's world of work.

Students with disabilities will one day become incredibly valuable workers in our communities. But like all other students, proactive lessons and experiences make for a brighter future immediately following graduation. Benton Employment Solutions provides well rounded and diverse experiences to benefit our local students and their future employers. 

In order to change our clients' worlds for the better, we must first impact our communities. Our company organizes impactful events for the individuals we serves and local stakeholders committed to improving their local economies. Join us as we create enjoyable, interactive and powerful experiences that will broaden all of our horizons through service and learning.

Community Events