HR Consulting

We contract with the State of Michigan, in the Metro Detroit and Kalamazoo areas, by assisting students with exploring the world of work. We conduct field trips, mock interviewing seminars, and summer work experiences. We provide coaching to the students so that they are learning, without being a distraction to the daily function of their supervisor or the business itself.

Every business needs someone to manage hiring, training, salaries, and employee retention. Let Benton Employment Solutions assist you throughout the hiring process. We have access to amazing candidates who are hard working and loyal. We ascertain all relevant tax credits and take care of the paperwork.


Our Staff

               Bridget Benton, M.A.                                                                  Solomon Green                                                            Jim Benton, M.A                 

                  President                                                   Job Coach/Life Skills Coach                            Director - Employment Service       

We want to help maximize your company's performance. We tap into the hidden hiring market and find the perfect candidate and all tax benefits associated with the candidate. Schedule a consultation appointment with one of our human resource experts so we can determine what your company needs.

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